Chef Gracian de Souza has been working as a Chef & Restaurant consultant , giving strategic advice and offering his culinary expertise to help new / existing restaurants & hotel brands to create / recreate top quality food & beverage experiences.

Services Provided

Concept Development

Developing food concepts for a given space factoring in the clients target audience and brand identity.

Menu Creation, Implementation & Engineering

Menu development, planning and execution based on the clients brief and concept. The menu is engineered and SOPs integrated to have maximum utilization and minimum waste, keeping quality and costs in control.

Kitchen And Bar Opex Budgeting

Structuring the kitchen & bar operational equipment list with appropriate par stock levels attached after the budgets are sanctioned.

Food & Beverage Revenue Budgeting

Forecasting the revenue model with targeted average per cover spend & net sale.

Kitchen And Bar Design

The alignment and planning of the kitchen & the bar is executed in coordination with the interior designer & kitchen consultant.

Recipe Standardisation

After finalization of the menu, standard recipe cards are provided for finished and semi finished recipes based on the menu.

Managing F&B Operations

Daily undertaking of the running of the shop floor with generation of reports for MIS.

Purchase & Receiving

Setting the correct SOP's for receiving of raw material and offering the best quality produce at the right price.