By Chef Gracian de Souza


Cantinho do Souza is a travelling culinary concept that expresses itself through Goan-Portuguese inspired sit-down dinners with a sincerely curated food and cocktail menu by Chef Gracian, also narrating a cognizant story through visuals such as postcards sharing information on the inspiration and history behind the dishes. It is an ode to the interlinked history of Goan and Portuguese Cuisine as well as a very personal journey of his coming to his own while combining his modern European style of cooking with traditional recipes.

Chef Gracian D’Souza is native to Goa and a keen explorer of the anthropological journey of Goan and Portuguese cuisine from the times of the Portuguese rule. Having grown up on Goan food, his recipes are inspired by his grandparents and his mum’s cooking. His keen interest in learning about the deep-seated history of Goan cuisine is what took him on several expeditions to Portugal where he spent months learning about the local flavour profiles and traditional cooking techniques, gathering ideas to showcase his versions of Goan and Portuguese food.

The curated experiences may be customised according to the clients requirements and availability of the location. This pop up allows both travellers and the locals to get an insight into the Portuguese food that inspired traditional Goan dishes like the Arroz de Marisco and Feijoada, and many such more, taking you on a poetically historic culinary journey like no other.